February 14, 2017

Disability Advisory Services Sponsors WSAJ for 2nd Year

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Coldstream’s Disability Advisory Services (DAS), always dedicated to delivering holistic financial guidance to individuals with a disability who have received a financial settlement, is proud to announce their comprehensive gold sponsorship with the Washington State Association for Justice (WSAJ) for the second year in a row.

The “oldest and largest civil justice advocacy organization in the Pacific Northwest,” WSAJ collaborates with Washington’s top legal and consumer protection groups to ensure the rights of wronged consumers, injured citizens, patients, and workers are upheld.

Coldstream’s DAS has been involved and supporting the mission of WSAJ since 2010. By working with other WSAJ firms and partners to help their disability clients, DAS provides complementary functions like asset preservation analysis, cash flow and liquidity planning, how to combine lump-sum and structured annuity payments, the use of special needs trusts and health care funding alternatives. Even more, Coldstream acts as a liaison for adaptive equipment needs, assistive home technology, rehabilitative programs, home conversions/remodels, caregiver resources and much more.

Under the leadership of our co-founder, Roger Reynolds, DAS draws upon his 26 years of experience assisting those with a disability. “Our partnership with WSAJ is critical to the success of our activities focused on serving those within the disabled community. Over these years, I have come to appreciate how aligned Coldstream is with WSAJ’s membership in advocating for the disabled. Together we have built a solid foundation providing skilled and compassionate advocacy to the disabled.” said Reynolds.

Thank you to everyone at Coldstream’s DAS for their continued dedication to the communities that need it most. Interested in learning more about Coldstream’s philanthropy and charitable giving? Read “About Us” here.

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