• Investment Advisory

Investment Advisory

How You Get There is as Important as the Destination

We take our fiduciary responsibility seriously. That’s why we treat our clients like family. At the same time, we appreciate that no two clients are the same, each having different needs, priorities and goals. So, we take the time to get to know everything about you, which allows us to make the most of market opportunities, weather difficult periods and personalize your financial portfolio.

Our approach includes:

We build portfolios focused on risk-adjusted returns and ensure your investment portfolio aligns with your financial goals.

For qualified and accredited investors who are looking for choices beyond conventional investment offerings (stocks, bonds, and cash), Coldstream has access to alternative investments in the private equity, venture capital, hedge funds, and real estate categories.

We perform a thorough review and analyze our investment managers to mitigate risk and guide our investment allocation decisions.

Our taxable and non-taxable bond portfolios focus on spotlighting quality credit opportunities and are managed based on interest rate outlook.

Tax Managed Strategies seeks to gain market exposure through a representative yet customizable sample of an underlying index and strategically create loss harvesting opportunities.

Dividend Growth Strategies seeks to identify companies of different sizes and across various sectors that not only pay a generous dividend but have a history of increasing those payments over time.

To address the individual needs and values of our clients, we have developed a range of socially responsible investing (SRI), environmental, social and governance (ESG) and impact investment options. Learn more.

The Coldstream Investment Strategy Group – Focused on Your Investments

Some firms entrust one professional to conduct investment research, manage portfolios and scrutinize managers. We have a dedicated, in-house team.

The portfolio managers and investment professionals that make up our Investment Strategy Group (ISG) allow us to quickly react to sudden shifts in the market and ensure that our strategies and the investment needs of clients are aligned. Armed with nearly 200 years of combined experience, the ISG focuses continually to: Develop, Determine, Set and Research.

  • Develop macro-economic analysis and assess the impact on portfolios
  • Determine strategic asset allocation parameters
  • Set tactical asset allocation guidelines
  • Research, select and monitor a list of qualified money managers

Are you ready to reach your financial goals?