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    Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Building a complete picture of your finances can be an overwhelming task. Your Coldstream team will work with you one on one through every decision. We’ll help you determine your current financial position and explore all your possibilities for the future. From monthly expenses and planned remodeling, to dream purchases and life-long goals, we can help you draw up a tailored plan to achieve the future you’ve always envisioned.


Our Process

What To Expect. A straight forward process. A responsive and knowledgeable team; keeping you accountable to your plan and creating clear financial value through transparent, conflict-free advice.

  1. PLAN: Your plan starts with building your balance sheet. Our first meeting together is an opportunity for us to get to know each other. Learning about your personal values and gaining an understanding of your goals will help us develop your personal financial plan. We’ll assist you with understanding liquidity needs and create a customized cash flow analysis. We’ll stress test your plan frequently to make sure you get there.
  2. OPTIMIZE: What you keep and save is as important as what you earn. Understanding your income sources, your company benefits, and entire net worth helps us think strategically to ensure you are taking advantage of opportunities available to you (tax planning, 401(k), college planning, etc.). We’ll also help build your team by working with your CPA, your Attorney, and other professionals to ensure everyone is on the same page; keeping you and your families goals in mind.
  3. PROTECT: Planning for the unexpected is a crucial step in protecting your financial plan. We will help facilitate conversations with risk management experts to ensure you have the proper life, disability, home, auto and long-term care coverage. Meanwhile, we also work with specialists to provide estate planning solutions. Our mission is to understand and protect your assets, future interests, and legacy.

Are you ready to reach your financial goals?