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Michelle Decaire, FPQP™

Client Team Operations Manager

As a Client Team Operations Manager, Michelle oversees the client experience on Team Cervantes and works with the team to implement new processes and procedures. Michelle came to Coldstream with 12 years of experience in administration and client services work. She studied at the University of Washington (Go Dawgs!) where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Science, Technology, and Society and certificate in Social Enterprise.
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A few of my boys’ most precious baby clothes and their baby pictures. They are so valuable to me!!


“Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.” – Thomas Jefferson


I live in Kirkland and spend my free time with my two boys. I want to make sure I’m there for all the milestones – small and large. My evenings and weekends are spent driving them back and forth to soccer and baseball games. I am their biggest cheerleader at every game! When I get some time to myself, I enjoy destressing by running, baking, and reading.


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