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Josh Harris, CPA®

Managing Director of Corporate Development & Board of Directors

As Managing Director, Corporate Development, Josh is responsible for setting firm-wide standards geared towards ensuring the families we serve have a positive client experience. As a Wealth Manager he is highly involved in integrating his clients’ initial financial planning with investment strategy and facilitating discussions with trusted partners in areas of risk management. He is consistently looking to add perspective when major life changes occur, and ensuring clients feel confident in their decision-making. 

Prior to joining Coldstream, Josh co-founded Paracle Advisors in 2004 to better serve those with more moderate wealth, focusing on providing financial planning first, and allowing that planning to drive investment decisions. He believed the wealth management landscape was focused primarily on serving the investment needs of ultra-high net worth families. There was a gap in service between what those with moderate wealth were receiving and what those with massive wealth were receiving.  

Josh is naturally inquisitive and enjoys helping people figure out how to use their finances to reach their goals. A natural communicator, he brings a practical, real life perspective to financial conversations and makes it an enjoyable experience. Not everyone likes to talk about money, and it can be a boring (and sometimes contentious) topic; Josh aims to alleviate those feelings.  

Our team has an honest desire to help people, which is rare and hard to find these days. When you surround yourself with people who want to make a positive difference in others’ lives, you can’t help but live life inspired.


I have coached youth hockey for over ten years, from the time my oldest was four years old. I’m passionate about what the game teaches about the value of hard work, playing a role within a team, and working on a skill that takes years to master. I spend as much time as possible with my wife and two sons: golfing, wakeboarding/surfing, skiing, biking, and enjoying the company of good friends.