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Jordan Travis, MBA, FPQP™

Senior Client Service Associate

As a Senior Client Service Associate, Jordan works closely with clients to execute the timely day-to-day tasks that arise. Jordan understands how busy our clients’ lives can be. He works to create worry-free solutions aimed at alleviating any stress that can come with managing your daily finances. Jordan also works closely with Wealth Managers to ensure our clients comprehensive wealth management plan is in line with their short-term and long-term goals.

Jordan graduated from Northwest University with a Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Business Administration. Prior to joining Coldstream, Jordan worked for a small wealth management firm in Kirkland. Jordan has a passion for helping clients achieve peace of mind when it comes to their financial picture. He values creating deep and meaningful relationships with the families we serve.

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It’s either my wedding ring or the new house my wife and I just bought! Both are a daily reminder of the life we continue building together.


“Life is all about relationships. Show me your five closest friends and I will show you your life in five years.” – Perry Travis (my dad)


My hobbies include playing soccer, video games, board/card games, and doing puzzles. Lately I’ve enjoyed simply spending time with my wife, two cats, and dog in our new home.

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    Risk Tolerance vs Asset Allocation: Finding the Right Balance

    When people hear the word risk, they usually visualize “dangerous” things like riding a motorcycle, starting a business, or maybe even a high-stakes game of poker. Taking on risk often comes with the potential for reward – in poker, you can never win a big hand if you don’t ante up. In investing, there is [...]

    Contributions from: Bryan Carr, CFA®, Jay Winston, CFP®, Jordan Travis, MBA, FPQP™