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Jeff Huber

Ascent Capital | Business Development Manager

Jeff joined Coldstream and Ascent Capital in 2022 and has over 17 years of experience in the private lending industry. His seasoned background and problem-solving abilities allow him to bring an experienced approach to every loan request. Having been involved in all aspects of the business, Jeff is committed to delivering a seamless transaction at every stage of the lending process. He makes community connections with mortgage brokers, realtors, and home builders in Seattle, Oregon, and Idaho to generate consistent loan referrals. Jeff knows every scenario is unique and works to provide a creative solution that addresses the diverse needs of the borrowers he works with.

Jeff attended Western Washington University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance and a Minor in Economics. Jeff provides client driven results while delivering exceptional service and attention to detail with every relationship.


One of the unique items I treasure is a buy-sell order ticket from a former floor broker on the NYSE.  In the early 90’s I had an opportunity to be on the floor of the exchange, shadowing a broker while he raced around filling orders.  It was only for a couple of hours, but it was a truly unique and memorable experience.


A former colleague of mine would often say, “Sometimes you need to slow down to go faster”. I’m not sure if these were his words, or if he plagiarized them. Regardless, I’ve always found this counterintuitive advice to be useful.