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Jay Winston, CFP®

Associate Wealth Manager

As an Associate Wealth Manager, Jay is responsible for helping clients identify and achieve their financial goals through an approachable and understandable, comprehensive wealth management plan. He coordinates with the clients’ other trusted advisors (CPAs, attorneys, insurance agents) to make sure families are covered across the board and have confidence in their overall financial life.

Jay earned his bachelor’s degree from Northeastern University where he studied Criminal Justice and Business. He has more than 10 years of experience in the financial services industry – working in insurance, group retirement, for a broker-dealer, and most recently for a local registered investment advisory firm. From day one, Jay’s career focus has been building towards a role centered on providing honest, direct, and knowledgeable advice to individuals. He feels excited to have reached that goal at Coldstream and looks forward to positively impacting more of our clients’ lives.

Jay is a certified financial planner and has completed his FINRA Series 7 and 66 exams.


A few pictures my late Grandmother sent me with her handwritten notes on the back. They recount her memories on each photo. They are one of those things that could never be replaced.


Growth comes from discomfort. If we’re not willing to challenge ourselves and traverse into the unfamiliar, we’ll never be able to reach our potential and achieve our goals.


I’m an amateur acrobat and I love to lift my friends up! I can also be found rock climbing, reading, doing community work, and enjoying the great outdoors of the Pacific Northwest.


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