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Hilary Massee Clark

Team Lead & Wealth Manager

(Pronouns: she/her/hers)

Hilary has two roles at Coldstream Wealth Management. As a Wealth Manager, she helps families with their financial planning, investments, taxes, insurance, and estate plans. As a Team Lead, she manages a group of professionals, focusing on growth, career development, and excellent client service.

A compassionate and sincere self-starter, Hilary joined Coldstream in late 2007 with dedication to professional and personalized client service. Soon to reach two decades of work with Coldstream, Hilary can’t imagine herself anywhere else. Hilary loves the challenge of solving the trickiest and most complex of problems for her clients across different states and continents.

Before joining the team, Hilary worked for Starbucks Coffee Company and earned her bachelor’s in communications with a minor in business from Washington State University in 2003. She is also an alumni of Delta Delta Delta Sorority.

Hilary currently lives in Kirkland with her husband, two boys, and three Maine Coon cats, Penny, Thor and Loki.


All the treasured family heirlooms that I have collected over the years.  Each piece adds a special touch of nostalgia and warmth to our home. These cherished items, whether vintage ornaments, antique dinnerware, or passed-down recipes, help create a unique and memorable atmosphere. They serve as tangible connections to family history, sparking stories and memories that bring generations together. I love incorporating these heirlooms into our celebrations, honoring the past while creating new traditions and memories for the future.


Trust your gut. When you take a quiet moment to sit with yourself, the right answer will become clear.


I love baking, doing puzzles, watching Gilmore Girls on repeat, attending Mariners and Seahawks games, spending as much time as possible on my family boat, wine tasting, and pulling weeds (I find it so calming and satisfying afterwards).


Coldstream is an employee-owned wealth management firm. We believe that by having broad employee ownership, we can attract and retain the industry’s best talent – in turn furthering our mission of enhancing people’s lives.

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