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Davis Karaica


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Davis Karaica, FPQP™

Client Team Operations Manager

Davis joined Coldstream in 2017, starting out as a Private Client Services Administration with a passion for the financial industry. His keen attention to detail and dedication towards clients made for an undeniably great fit on the team. With a “can do” attitude and the initiative to go above and beyond, Davis has been an invaluable team member at Coldstream.

Overtime Davis has continued to gain the certifications necessary to grow his knowledge of wealth management and provide excellent service to his clients. Davis is now in Senior Wealth Management Associate & Team Operations Manager within client services and assists with trading on Team Fitzwilson and on the internal dividend growth strategies.

Davis got his Bachelor of Science degree from Seattle Pacific University and was previously a gym manager and personal trainer. He’s a great sport and will answer all the fitness and health related questions the team throws at him.

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My Kindle. Best gift my wife has given me. Makes traveling with books easy!


Always verify information you gather online. With so much disinformation floating around these days it is often hard to discern fact from fiction. Always consider multiple sources and fact check the ones you use.


In my free time, I’m out hiking, camping, playing sports, traveling, and reading. I also value spending time with family and make an effort to visit them as much as I can. With family spread out across the country, I always have a reason to travel across the United States.