Investment Advisory - Coldstream Wealth Management
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Investment Advisory


How you get there is as
important as the destination.

We help you make the most of market opportunities, weather
difficult periods, and personalize your financial portfolio.

With Coldstream, you don’t just get an advisor, you get a team of analysts, working tirelessly to help you keep your finger on the pulse of the markets. We’ll help you navigate unexpected threats and react quickly but judiciously to ever-shifting market opportunities. Let Coldstream be your partner in building, customizing and implementing your investment portfolio.

Ongoing evaluation and implementation
of investments:

  • Customized asset allocation and portfolio construction
  • Individualized municipal and corporate bond portfolios
  • Dividend Growth individual stock strategies
  • Selective use of stop/loss alerts on positions
  • Structured notes that provide targeted exposure to an investment thesis
  • Individual manager and strategy selection, due diligence and monitoring
A Coldstream Case Study:
Wealth Transfer

Bob is a single, never married man. He is a retired tax professional from the oil industry and has been successfully retired for 19 years.  He has a $2.2 million dollar investment portfolio that includes a sizeable IRA. The primary source(s) of income are his pension from 25 years of service at a single employer and Social Security.  Bob sought to hire an advisor “while I still have my mind and can assess the relationship and confirm its value.”  He wanted to remove himself from the day-to-day responsibility of managing his portfolio. Although Bob had used advisors in the past, it only represented 25% of the investible assets. The balance he managed himself enjoyably and “successfully enough that I never fired myself”.


Are you ready for

comprehensive, personalized

wealth management?

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