November 1, 2023

The COO Roundtable: Episode 58

In Podcast: The COO Roundtable

Contributions from: Matt Sonnen

For this episode, we step away from our standard format of speaking with operations professionals in the trenches to speaking with an author and entrepreneur about the role of the COO.  Cameron Herold has written a fabulous book directed at CEOs contemplating hiring a COO, titled, Second in Command – Unleash the Power of Your COO.  He is also the founder of the COO Alliance and the host of his own podcast dedicated to the role of COOs, Second in Command.  Cameron has sat in the COO seat, overseeing the growth at 1-800-GOT-JUNK from $2 million to $106 million in revenue in just six years.

Matt and Cameron have an honest conversation about the CEO’s need to hire for their blind spots, as well as:

  • The difficulty business owners have in finding the right person to fill the COO role
  • Why RIAs need to keep the rate of change inside their organizations greater than the rate of change outside their businesses
  • The seven types of COOs and what each brings to their organization
  • Cameron’s advice for those who aspire to be a COO
  • How a CEO and COO should work best together, and the proper expectations from both sides of that working relationship
  • How CEOs can best judge the success of their COO
  • When RIAs should consider replacing their COO for the next phase of growth

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You can read the full transcript here.

Purchase Cameron’s book here.

You can view Cameron’s COO Scorecard here.

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