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Bob is a single, never married man. He is a retired tax professional from the oil industry and has been successfully retired for 19 years. He has a $2.2 million investment portfolio that includes a sizeable IRA. The primary sources of income are his pension from 25 years of service at a single employer and Social Security. Bob sought to hire an advisor “while I still have my mind and can assess the relationship and confirm its value.” He wanted to remove himself from the day-to-day responsibility of managing his portfolio. Although Bob had used advisors in the past, it only represented 25% of the investible assets. The balance he managed himself enjoyably and “successfully enough that I never fired myself”.

Under our watch he asked for a portfolio that assumed a little less risk than he had traditionally taken. “I took more risk than I needed to and now I am tired of staying on top of it all.” It was important to Bob that we manage with discretion, but that his wealth management team is communicative about significant changes in investment opinion and approach. Because he had enjoyed investing for nearly 50 years, it was important to Bob that we spend time with him during account reviews discussing Coldstream’s perspective on the markets and economy.

He wants to meet at least annually and to have phone reviews 2x annually. He wants us to know his family and have their contact info in the event he was unable to represent himself. He looks to us to alert him to investment, tax and estate tax matters that would impact his situation positively or negatively. It is important that we understand his unique situation with respect to no traditional lineage for his financial legacy. He wants us to be a sounding board and a source of counsel with regard to the disposition of his assets at death. He has estate documents in place, but they will likely not be his last.

Coldstream provides a well-diversified portfolio addressing his risk concerns along with deep financial planning services with ongoing discussions around the disposition of his assets to extended family and charitable organizations.

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