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Corey Dallas, MSF, APMA®

Associate Portfolio Manager

As an Associate Portfolio Manager, Corey works side-by-side with Portfolio Managers to execute daily trades, monitor current portfolio models, and rebalance accounts. Corey is also part of our Investment Strategy Group (ISG) and collaborates with other Coldstream Portfolio Managers to discuss market and economic trends and make firm-level portfolio recommendations. Corey enjoys identifying emerging trends within the industry and evaluating the role of private investments within a particular clients’ asset allocation.

Corey graduated from Pacific Lutheran University with a Master of Science in Finance and from Washington State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences. Prior to joining Coldstream, Corey spent two and a half years working in the wealth management industry as a Portfolio Analyst. His focus on data driven results and analytical mindset have been undeniably valuable to ISG and Coldstream as a whole.


Our new puppy Teddy! He’s a mini Bernedoodle and since he’s been in my life, spending time with him is one of my favorite things to do.


Think of yourself as a lifelong learner.


I have the travel bug and enjoy visiting new places. I’ve been to Paris, Munich, and New Orleans. When I’m not planning my next vacation, I’m playing soccer, tennis, or golf.

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    Corey Dallas
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