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Bryan Carr, CFA®

Portfolio Manager

As Portfolio Manager, Bryan is responsible for working directly with clients to align their investment portfolios with their short- and long-term financial goals. Bryan is part of our dedicated, in-house investment team. He collaborates with other members of the Investment Strategy Group (ISG) in setting firm-wide investment standards. Bryan enjoys getting to know the unique goals our clients have and creating an asset allocation mix suited to their risk level.

Bringing 15+ years of experience in the financial industry, Bryan has gained experience at other registered investment advisors (RIAs) and asset managers. In his most recent role, he served as a Senior Research Analyst heading up domestic equity manager selection and ESG investing at a local RIA. Bryan is excited to work closely with clients and enhance their lives.

Bryan earned a bachelor’s in finance from Portland State University. He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst® designation.

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My dad’s Harley Fat Boy.


The most important component to investing successfully is patience. If you have a sensible, diversified allocation, time heals all wounds.


I’ve played bass and recorded music since high school. It’s a life-long hobby I hope to never give up. I also love wine and traveling with my wife Lauren. We often cook for friends and family as often as possible. Lately, I’ve been bitten pretty hard by the gardening bug!

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    Risk Tolerance vs Asset Allocation: Finding the Right Balance

    When people hear the word risk, they usually visualize “dangerous” things like riding a motorcycle, starting a business, or maybe even a high-stakes game of poker. Taking on risk often comes with the potential for reward – in poker, you can never win a big hand if you don’t ante up. In investing, there is [...]

    Contributions from: Bryan Carr, CFA®, Jay Winston, CFP®, Jordan Travis, MBA, FPQP™