A more relevant approach to retirement

Our 401(k) plan design suite of services delivers a robust level of investment utility, flexibility and simplicity.  For you the participant, we offer a simple yet sophisticated retirement plan solution focused on a modular and risk based approach to bring broad asset diversification to your retirement portfolio.  We educate participants and help simplify the process by offering an a la carte menu of 10 relevant global investment categories or 5 pre-built broad asset allocation models based on participant risk and return targets.


For employers or plan sponsors, this offering effectively shifts a substantial portion of their fiduciary obligation to Coldstream. The plan architecture is supported by our Investment Strategies Group, which consists of tenured investment professionals with a strong background in developing asset allocation models for individuals.  As a result, Coldstream can assume much of the fiduciary burden for the design of the plan investment offering under ERISA 404(c).

What it means for you

  • Participants start with either an a la carte asset-allocation menu of 10 globally diverse investment categories or 5 pre-built broad asset allocation models based on risk and return targets.
  • Plan Sponsors can extend the investment menu by adding up to 5 additional Global Alternative Strategies like Alternative Income or Commodities
  • Participants can dial up or dial down their specific level of engagement with the plan and still have a well-diversified and understandable portfolio.
  • Participant plan materials and ongoing education can concentrate on fewer, more powerful themes to help drive constructive behavior and better outcomes.

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