Family-owned businesses face unique challenges. Transition, exit, cash flow, and financial planning all need to be handled differently when the business is “in the family.” In Coldstream’s Family Business Services, you’ll find an experienced partner who is sensitive to your situation. Whether your goal is to provide for generations to come, minimize tax liability, or navigate a short term transition, we are here to help you work through every decision.

Our specialized Family Business Services include:

  • Long-term, multi-generational planning
  • Risk Assessment
  • Cash flow modeling and tax planning

Client Focus

Your advisor will take the time to get to know you, your family, and your business. Time, knowledge, and dedication are the foundation of our approach to advising family businesses. We’ll work hard to learn your goals, your plans—inside and outside the business—your current needs and strategy for succession. Your dreams. And that knowledge will guide our advice and strategy.

Transition Plan Review and Multi-Generational Planning

Coldstream has the expertise—legal and accounting as well as planning—to design and implement sound, creative plans for leadership and ownership transition. More importantly, we work to know our clients well and listen to them well. We’ll make sure each plan meets each client’s specific needs.

Investing with Family in Mind

You know all about long-term, multi-generational planning. You do it every day. It’s what your family business is all about. In Coldstream’s Family Business Services Group, you’ll find a partner who can apply that same long-term vision to investing. Our approach will seek to provide for generations to come, while minimizing tax liability in the present and near-term.

Contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our family business specialists.