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Our Mission Statement

We are a comprehensive wealth management firm, skilled in tailoring our guidance to meet your client’s specific needs. ​Our diverse team of passionate professionals will advocate for your client; taking into account their unique lifestyle, challenges, abilities and goals.

Like great legal representation, Coldstream’s value is in the details, execution and our advocacy. ​We strive to be their partners for life – working tirelessly towards achieving your client’s financial peace of mind and quality of life goals. ​

We invite your clients to experience the quality guidance they deserve.

Why Attorneys Introduce Us To Clients

Our sibling approach is more than a slogan, it’s our core principle of excellence.

  • Experience: 144 Years of professional team experience
  • Skills: CFP, CPA, LLM
  • Trust Worthy: Professional, Caring, Passionate
  • Action: Community Volunteers, Disability Mentors
  • Knowledge: Special Needs Life Planning Partnerships

Our Financial

Fiduciary Value

The right care goes beyond simple stocks and bonds…

  • Dedicated Financial Fiduciary
  • Tailored Strategies
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Tax Planning
  • Unique Alternative Investments

How Coldstream DAS

Helps Attorneys

The Evidence Is In Our Actions & Support




What Our Legal Peers Say About Us

The need for comprehensive wealth management within the disabled community has never been greater.  With a culture of focusing its resources and wisdom on ensuring settlement recipients regain normalcy in their lives, Coldstream has transformed the experience these individuals and their families receive.  Coldstream continues to provide outstanding services to our clients who have received a substantial financial settlement.  This gives me confidence their needs are being met today, and into the future.  – JACK CONNELLY, CONNELLY LAW OFFICES

Coldstream recognizes the long-term planning issues that are critical to an individual with a disability, and they have assembled a particular set of services to address this need.  Over time there are numerous pitfalls that can challenge individuals and their families after receiving a financial settlement, yet Coldstream’s strong advocacy promotes the preservation of their financial resources for those future purposes.  – TONY CHOPPA, M.ED., CRC, CCM, CDMS, OSC VOCATIONAL SYSTEMS, INC

The Spinal Cord Injury Association of Washington has grown a strong friendship with Coldstream over the years. Staff from Coldstream regularly volunteer at our events, donate, and help raise awareness for those with disabilities.  We have seen firsthand Coldstream’s passion and effort in SCIAW activities, and they are well recognized for their support of numerous organizations within the disabled community, such as Outdoors For All, Pushing Boundaries, Christopher Reeve’s Foundation and The Here and Now Project.  They are clearly committed to these causes and to enhancing the lives of individuals with a disability. – KAREN KOEHLER, ATTORNEY & SCIAW EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR 

Managing finances for injured people is unique.  We know of no other financial manager in the Pacific Northwest with more experience managing money for injured people than Coldstream.  Roger and his team care about our clients and spend considerable time and energy to make sure that their assets are well preserved to take care of their needs. When my clients hire Coldstream, I sleep better. – MIKE WAMPOLD & ANN ROSATO, PETERSON, WAMPOLD, ROSATO, FELDMAN, LUNA 

A strong relationship starts with understanding and respect.  Coldstream brings that to everything they do.  I have worked with the Coldstream team on several occasions and have found we share a commitment to the disabled and disadvantaged in our community.  I truly value their involvement when working together for the benefit of our mutual clients.  Coldstream understands the benefit of comprehensive planning solutions matching the unique needs of a settlement recipient. TONY ROBINSON, RINGLER ASSOCIATES 

Experience, compassion, integrity, and advocacy – with these working in concert, Coldstream continues to deliver a unique platform of financial services to individuals with a disability.  Anything less falls short of what is required to solve the complex issues these individuals face both today and in the future.  Coldstream’s impact on clients is not limited to prudent investment advisory services, but encompasses the respect and dignity they convey to every situation. ROBERT ZIELKE, THE ZIELKE LAW FIRM, P.S

Navigating the Financial Complexities of Disability

Wealth in the form of an injury settlement requires a unique and comprehensive management approach.  Compassion, education, understanding family dynamics and building a team around you who will serve for years to come are hallmarks of our Disability Advisory Services.

Coldstream has established key strategic relationships with other service providers to facilitate any projects or initiatives you require to navigate the new complexities of your life.

  • Financial Settlement Consulting
  • Capital Preservation
  • Financial Planning, Cash Flow Planning, Estate Planning
  • Benefits of Combining Lump Sum & Structured Settlements
  • Establishment of Special Needs Trusts
  • Choosing the Right Fiduciary
  • Connection to Leading Service, Equipment, & Tech Providers

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A Coldstream Case Study:
Disability Settlement

In 2009 we were introduced to “Sam”, a young man in his 20’s who had recently received a significant personal injury award due to a disabling accident. The result of the accident left Sam a complete C-4 quadriplegic requiring 24-hour assistance and a modification of all elements of his life to match his disability.

In 2009 we were introduced to “Sam”, a young man in his 20’s who had recently received a significant personal injury award due to a disabling accident. The result of the accident left Sam a complete C-4 quadriplegic requiring 24-hour assistance and a modification of all elements of his life to match his disability.

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