In 2009 we were introduced to “Sam”, a young man in his 20’s who had recently received a significant personal injury award due to a disabling accident. The result of the accident left Sam a complete C-4 quadriplegic requiring 24-hour assistance and a modification of all elements of his life to match his disability.

Sam and his family engaged Coldstream’s Disability Advisory Services in order to gain access to our background and experience with providing holistic guidance to individuals with disabilities.  The following is a representation of the projects that we have conducted on behalf of Sam and his family:

  1. We assisted Sam’s trial attorney with the analysis of whether to establish a Special Needs Trust and led the presentation to Sam and his family about the attributes of this concept.
  2. We immediately reviewed Sam’s eligibility for any public medical and healthcare assistance programs that were available and provided recommendations.
  3. Sam’s investment program is specifically designed to address the funding of his needs throughout his lifetime and maintain his extremely low risk objectives as a priority element in all investment decisions.
  4. When Sam decided to build a home to meet his needs, we were involved in negotiating the construction contract with his custom home builder and assisted with obtaining financing for the project.  Additionally, we recommended a technology consultant to ensure the home had the most advanced voice recognition and adaptive design features in place.
  5. We recommended and then assisted an estate planning attorney to work with Sam and his fiancée, prior to their marriage, to establish a proper structure that met their unique financial situation.  This required striking a delicate balance between nurturing their blossoming relationship and the pragmatic need to maintain Sam’s financial viability throughout his lifetime.
  6. Sam suffered a tremendous loss when a family member passed away.  We assisted him with closing their estate and addressing the countless projects such as disposing of an automobile, closing outstanding school loans, notifying banks and credit card companies, and modifying estate planning documents.
  7. Sam has a vision of establishing a Charitable Foundation to assist others in similar disability situations.  We have framed the alternatives available to accomplish his vision and are working with legal counsel and a consultant to aid in making his dream a reality.

The Coldstream team members responsible for implementing Disability Advisory Services’ activities have significant experience and background within the disabled community. We have established key strategic relationships with other service providers to facilitate any projects or initiatives required by our client. We are extremely proud to blend our customized comprehensive wealth management services with our knowledge and appreciation for the needs of the disabled community.

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