Ken Hallack
Integration Manager  | 206.231.6003

As the Integration Manager, Ken manages our systems and process integrations to ensure that our team is ready and able to satisfy the financial needs of the families we serve. He strives to keep up with ever-changing technology, simplify our processes, and continually improve our services. 

Ken enjoys finding solutions to problems and knowing his efforts help team members and clients lead a less stressful life. He believes the best quality within the team is the shared sense of purpose to improve our clients lives by bringing together different strengths and areas of expertise to the table.  

Honesty and integrity are characteristics that he values highly. “It’s important that our clients know that honesty will be the bedrock of our relationship, and that we’ll give them the same level of service, guidance, and care that we would give our best friend.” 


I took up woodworking a few years ago and really enjoyed it. I find the process of taking an idea in my head and turning it into something tangible and real in the workshop very satisfying. Beyond that, I love the creative aspect of incorporating the natural beauty of wood into the design of an object. I also love traveling with my wife, cooking for friends and family, sipping wine on the porch, touring historic homes, quiet afternoons reading, and sometimes I think golf is fun.




Mercer Island