Jeff Skall, MBA
Business Development Manager

Ascent Capital

A native of Cleveland, OH, Jeff joined Coldstream and Ascent Capital with over 20 years of real estate experience. Originally a commercial real estate appraiser, Jeff has a strong foundation in real estate and understanding all of the factors that influence value. Jeff spent the better part of the last 18 years with Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Company and its subsidiaries where he provided joint venture and equity lending to homebuilders in Arizona. Jeff holds a degree in Regional Development and Planning with a minor in Real Estate from University of Arizona and an MBA from Arizona State University.

Jeff spends his time away from the office with his wife of 23 years, his two beautiful daughters, and his dog Scout. He enjoys getting lost in his thoughts at the gym, spending time outdoors, and working on remodeling his project house.

My role with Ascent Capital is a great marriage of my passion and experience – I get to work with small and mid-size builders through financing solutions that often require creativity and ingenuity.