Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance people’s lives.  And we believe that financial success is just the beginning; however you may define this.  We strive to enhance your life through expert guidance, diligence and utmost integrity as your financial and wealth advisor.

As well, within Coldstream each day we operate under a guiding principle of core values to achieve our mission and goals for you.

Core Values

Integrity and Trust
We will conduct ourselves with the utmost integrity and with the highest ethical standard.  Integrity and trust serve as the code of conduct by which we hold ourselves accountable.

We are first and foremost fiercely client-focused.  We recognize success only when we have delivered a client experience second to none.  All client interactions are conducted with a sense of urgency and our responsiveness is unmatched.

Thirst for Learning
Within our culture of respect and inclusiveness, we encourage a thirst for learning at all times.  We strive to understand the interests of others, sharing our knowledge through coaching and mentoring each other which leads to greater opportunity for all.

We believe the collective talent of our team dictates our success.  A strong company requires strong teams.  Strong teams require strong individuals.

Financial Sustainability
We owe it to our clients, team members and our shareholders to ensure that our company is financially viable.  In addition, profit is the single best measure of effectiveness and success.  We will stay focused, manage our business properly and insist on bottom-line results.