Our Clients

Our clients are a diverse group of successful individuals, families and businesses dealing with the inherent complexities that come with success and wealth. We collaborate with each client to design a customized plan and portfolio that fit their unique situation, preferences and objectives.

Families and Individuals
Our clients include retirees seeking stable income, families working to establish multi-generational wealth transfer plans and individuals addressing life changing events such as the loss of a loved one, divorce or injury settlement.

Business Owners
Coldstream has significant experience working with business owners who are looking to monetize a closely held business, need to identify and implement a succession plan, or whose business success has resulted in a concentrated stock position. 

Disabled Advisory Services
Wealth in the form of an injury settlement requires a unique and comprehensive management approach.  Compassion, education, understanding family dynamics and building a team around you who will serve for years to come are hallmarks of our Disabled Advisory Services.  We have established key strategic relationships with other service providers to facilitate any projects or initiatives you require to navigate the new complexities of your life.  Watch Video

Endowments & Foundations
Coldstream works side by side with clients to help establish investment guidelines, facilitate annual grant distributions, and navigate the legal and tax complexities of a client’s endowment or foundation. 

Coldstream Fortress Retirement Plans
Coldstream also designs and advises on pension and profit sharing plans.  A Coldstream Fortress Retirement Plan makes it easy for your organization to build a retirement plan suited for the unique demographics of your workforce
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For further details see our Case Studies.