Investment Advisory

Strategic Asset Allocation:

Whether your focus is preservation of capital, growth of assets or a moderate approach, Coldstream designs a well constructed and diversified portfolio which aligns with your risk tolerance and investment objectives.  We believe proper asset allocation is the primary determinant of investment returns and portfolio risk.


Tactical Asset Allocation:

Proper asset allocation is only the beginning, but in a low return environment we believe that applying tactical asset allocation to your investment portfolio is a necessity. We assess the economic and market environment for opportunities as well as downside risk management and may implement:

  • Sector weightings and timing
  • Raise cash when appropriate 
  • Thematic influences

We furthermore add value to the customization by:
  • Individual manager/strategy selection, due diligence and monitoring 
  • Dividend Growth Strategy – Internally managed strategy of high quality large cap companies with consistent and growing dividends 
  • Customized Bond Portfolios- Focus on high quality; manage duration based upon interest rate outlook; taxable & non-taxable 
  • Selectively use stop/loss alerts on positions 
  • Move into short positions under bear market conditions as appropriate
Specialized Approaches:
  • Custom strategies for concentrated stock positions – Planned selling, tax timing, trading windows, covered call writing, collars and other complex strategies for diversification, income and tax liability management 
  • Structured Notes – Provide targeted exposure to an investment thesis, opportunity for leveraged upside participation with downside protection limitations 
  • In-house hedge fund team with long term performance record