Case Studies

Following are real-life examples that illustrate our diverse client base and the integrated approach we take to address client-specific needs:
Business transition  How can I monetize my business in a focused, strategic, and tax efficient fashion?

Charitable giving   How can we be sure my portfolio, estate plan and financial plan correlate with my giving intentions?

Retirement  I am ready to retire.  How do I maintain my current lifestyle and plan for the next phase of my life?

Wealth transfer  How can I transfer my wealth in a tax efficient manner?

Concentrated stock position   What can Coldstream do to diversify and minimize my risk in a tax efficient manner? [under construction]

401K solution   How can Coldstream design and manage a robust yet easy to understand 401k plan for my company? [under construction]

Death of spouse/partner  Can Coldstream help me navigate the loss of my spouse/partner?

Disability/Settlement  My personal needs and financial obligations have been altered by a personal injury.  How can Coldstream help with my unique and long term needs?