In order to serve you, it's important we understand the entire picture of who you are as a person, as a family member, an entity and how you are planning on participating in the larger world of responsibilities and legacies.  We ask for your perspective on many topics including:

   • What would you like to achieve with your wealth?

   • What are your current income requirements? And what changes can you foresee in future years?

   • How do you wish to provide for yourself, your family, your company now and in the future?

   • What are your values and how do you plan on passing these to future generations?

The more we learn about you and your expectations for the future, the more focused and effective our strategy can be in addressing your needs. Coldstream helps protect and enhance the value of your assets given your return expectations and tolerance for risk.  We proactively help you address the complicated issues that come with having wealth.

Whether an individual, family or business entity, you work with a dedicated relationship management team experienced in investment management and retirement, cash flow and income tax planning. Your Coldstream team also assists with personal & property insurance consulting, philanthropy planning and transfer of wealth issues.